DNN: A Tutorial and Survey

A kindler gentler DNN research paper summary…

“Efficient Processing of Deep Neural Networks: A Tutorial and Survey”
Vivienne Sze, Yu-Hsin Chen, Tien-Ju Yang, and Joel Emer

This 2017 paper provides a good overview of the latest trends in DNN (Deep Neural Networks) by our friends at MIT. For those not reading all of the research papers, this will serve as a kindler gentler introduction into the latest.

DNN Tutorial Survey:

  • An intro in DNN
  • DNN models that are currently in use
  • Hardware for DNN and implications for future energy efficient designs
  • HW/SW Codesign optimizations

This broad survey packs a lot into its 32-pages and has most of latest and of course a great reference section (162 references). After the 1st 12-13 pages it has more of a focus on HW design implications.

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